Can We Be Done With Anti-COVID Protests Now?

Protest against the French Covid pass in Besançon, France in August 2021 | Photo by Jordan Bracco on Unsplash

Motivations behind the Brussels protest

I tend to spend my Sundays “checked out” so I didn’t see anything about this protest until late at night, when I happened to check the news before bed. I was shocked by the amount of damage done and devastated at the number of people who’d turned out — 35,000. Thousands of people were so upset about having to put on a mask indoors again that they committed random acts of vandalism on the streets of Brussels.

Privacy breach with Belgium’s Covid pass

I understand the protestors’ frustrations, especially the issue concerning medical workers. I also appreciate the invasion of privacy that the Covid Safe Ticket presents. Last month, a computer science researcher discovered that the list of Covid Safe Ticket numbers that were suspended due to recent contamination was publicly accessible through the government’s eHealth website. The app’s developer claimed to fix the problem shortly after, but a security and privacy nonprofit, Charta21, revealed that the problem persists.

Previous Covid protests in Brussels

Throughout most of the pandemic, I’ve been disappointed by the general attitude toward vaccination and coronavirus restrictions in Brussels. It seems like people have been more concerned about protecting their individual freedoms than about the public good.

The right to protest restricts the movement of others

In a democracy like Belgium, citizens have the right to protest. I don’t want to condemn anyone for expressing their dissatisfaction with the government by assembling peacefully.



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Courtney Withrow

Courtney Withrow

Writer and Blogger. International Relations, Travel, Culture. Based in Brussels, Belgium.