On July 21, Belgium celebrates its National Day. It commemorates the day in 1830 when a German prince living in England traveled to Belgium and swore allegiance to a constitution that a bunch of revolutionaries wrote after chasing out their Dutch rulers. …

Americans residing abroad are a diverse group.

They move and live overseas for different reasons, to various countries. The answer to the question “Who are Americans abroad?” isn’t so straightforward.

Americans living overseas aren’t counted on the U.S. census. The U.S. government, unlike most other nations in the world, doesn’t strive to keep accurate counts of American…

Swedish flag and woman pumping fist

Foreign policy. A concept you’re familiar with, but could you define it?

Let’s ask some international relations scholars what they think foreign policy is.

“Those actions which, expressed in the form of explicitly stated goals, commitments and/or directives, and pursued by governmental representatives acting on behalf of their sovereign communities, are directed towards objectives, conditions, and actors — both governmental and non-governmental…

Courtney Withrow

Writer and Blogger. International Relations, Travel, Culture. Find me at courtneywithrow.com or travelabroad.blog.

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