• Hannah


  • Kate Lewis

    Kate Lewis

  • Thomas Blum

    Thomas Blum

    I am writing about stuff that gets me thinking.

  • Bob W

    Bob W

  • Nichola Scurry

    Nichola Scurry

    Aussie in Barcelona writing about work, life and popular culture with a twist of quirky. Coffees always appreciated: ko-fi.com/nicscurry

  • Andy Sto

    Andy Sto

    Digital Nomad focused in #remotework and #digitalnomadism

  • Barry Taylor

    Barry Taylor

    Hi! I’m a Berlin-based Irishman waiting on an epiphany. I ramble about hiking, travel, films, and sometimes, my American curiosities. Edit: Still waiting.

  • Ryan Moran, BSN, RN

    Ryan Moran, BSN, RN

    ICU Registered Nurse interested in healthcare reform, climate policy, and promoting international solidarity.

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